3 Kids Who Know How to Do Book Reviews

Folks, these people do some of the most interesting book reviews I’ve ever read, bar none.

It also so happens that none of them have yet reached the age of 12.

In addition, they produce the most interesting fan art to go along with their opinions of the books they’ve read.

(It so happens that their graphic-art abilities far outstrip my own, so I won’t be giving them any competition in that arena, either.)

But please take a moment today to read the latest book reviews of the Bookie-Woogie kids—Grace, Lily, and Elijah—and their dad, Aaron Wenz.

You will find them—and their book discussions, artwork, and favorite books—here.

Enjoy! I surely do.

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  1. Benjamin says:

    Loved the latest review when Gracie said “They remind me of chocolate poptarts with evil brains and spears. Someday I’m going to draw a Mo-Mo eating a poptart.”

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